Terracotta cleaning Oxfordshire

Do you have a Terracotta stone floor? 🧡

This after photo is from a job completed last week in Wheatley.

🔸 This old tired floor was stripped of the old surface dressing and sealer 💪🏻

🔸 The tile & grout was then given a thorough deep clean scrub using our Conan rotary machine followed by a rinsing and neutralising of the floor.

🔸 We then applied a generous amount of water based impregnating sealer to fill up all the pores and capillaries, protecting against oil and water based stains.

🔸After sealing we applied 2x coatings of a satin wax dressing to give it a mid/high shine. The end result was phenomenal.

🔷If you have a stone floor that’s seen better days and would like it restoring. Get in touch for a no obligation quote.