Limestone floor cleaning Wantage

This beautiful limestone is cleaning up nicely 🤩 The big stain was red wine 🍷 the client tried everything and assumed it was permanent. All clean, returning tomorrow afternoon to apply a impregnator Seal 💫 If you’d like a free demo to see how clean your hard-floors could look once restored, simply get in touch.

Wool carpet clean in Wantage

In house carer who was staying for a few weeks decided it’s ok to smoke and then ash all over this wool mix carpet 😧 What the f$#%

Ardington house

Carpet cleaning and quoting of bedrooms and lounge areas 🙌🏻 What an amazing building and grounds 🤩

Commercial carpet cleaning

‘Exclusive access to the Museum’ was how I roped my two lady’s into helping me 😊 #familyrunbusinessrocks #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Cleaning Cotton velvet

Airbnb guest vandalises cotton velvet headboard with her wet finger 😳😆 Cotton velvet is prone to water damage, even the slightest bit of moisture can damage the fibres as in this case. This ‘M’ wouldn’t simply brush out. With advanced techniques I was able to remove the ‘M’ as seen in the last 2 photos. -This type of work should …

Stain removal

Furniture company delivered a new sofa and managed to get oil on the carpet 😫 They were worried they were going to have to replace the carpet! I managed to fully remove the oil to the point the customer couldn’t tell where it was before 🤩

NCCA Advanced Member

I’ve now been elected as an Advanced Member of the ‘National Carpet Cleaners Association!’ 👏🏻 A big thank you to everyone for all your support!!

Nail varnish removal

Two jobs today. First one in Headington Oxford, second in Abingdon. Both jobs were wool carpets and had nail varnish spilt on them 💅🏻 First the hard varnish residue was broken down and removed. Then using advanced spot and stain removal techniques using Oxidisers, a damp terry towel and a hot iron the coloured dye was removed 👏🏻🤩 A different …

Professional carpet cleaning.

THE MYTH…..CARPET CLEANING WILL RUIN YOUR CARPET! 🤔 I’ve had a few customers lately who have been concerned about having their carpets cleaned because they have heard it damages them or that they are never the same once cleaned 😧 The simple truth is that if cleaned correctly this isn’t correct 😅 Domestic cleaning machines or cheap rentals rely on …