Travertine restoration Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Beautiful Philadelphia Travertine stone floor which originates from Turkey 🇹🇷Now all clean and looking like new in a Didcot home. Tile & grout deep cleaned, cracks and holes repaired, followed with a water based sealer to protect the stone and aid maintenance going forward 🫧

Quarry tile cleaning Oxford

A gentleman called Peter from Jericho, found me on google and asked if I could restore his quarry tile floor? 🤔 🟥 The answer was YES!! With your permission this is what I’d like to do! ⬇️ 🟥 Deep clean the tile and grout and remove any old sealer, seal the floor & then to finish…. A wax dressing finish …

Terracotta cleaning & restoration Oxford

🧡 The difference is INSANE, this job was rewarding to say the least! 🧡 🟧 A Terracotta Floor that we have totally transformed this week in Old Marston 🟧 🔴 1, Old topical wax dressing stripped. 🟠 2, The entire floor then given a acid wash. 🔴 3, Left to dry for 3 days to ensure no moisture is trapped …

Travertine floor cleaning in Oxford

Deep clean and seal of a Travertine floor today in Oxford 🙌🏻 Sealing is a very important part of the process of restoring a stone floor. With out sealing there’s almost no point in ‘cleaning or stripping’ the stone back to bare bone. Cj Floor Care are up to date with the latest, advanced and appropriate various methods of restoring …

Slate floor cleaned in Witney Oxfordshire.

Slate floor transformed in Witney! 🤩The couple have been renovating their house and lastly wanted a new kitchen floor but wasn’t in the budget… fortunately they called Cj Floor Care who restored the floor to like new condition saving them £1000’s 🤩

Carpet cleaning Faringdon

A playroom carpet at Annabelle’s nursery near Faringdon, normally covered in toddlers and all the mess they bring with them 😉This is half way result, all kinds of stains and general dirt removed!Making this a chill out, crawl, play, interacting zone which is super clean again ✨

Commercial carpet cleaning Abingdon

God has blessed the Peachcroft Christian centre with a clean as new carpet 🙏🏻 …. He did this by telling their board of trustees to pick Cj Floor Care, Oxfordshires number one 😇

Jimmy Choo Bicester

Calling all ladies with good taste 🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️When choosing your carpet cleaner, why not be like ‘Jimmy’ and choose Oxfordshires #1 🙌🏻 Disclaimer: I won’t be wearing high heals as part of my uniform 😅

Commercial carpet cleaning Oxfordshire

Do you have a commercial property which carpets or flooring has seen better days? We were at Hanney Spiced at the weekend 🥘🍛🤤 unfortunately not having a delicious curry but instead working up an appetite and bringing their carpets back to like new condition 🤩 Why buy new when it’s just a clean that’s overdue! 👍🏻

Stone floor cleaning Oxfordshire.

Restoring a limestone floor for a formula 1 driver near Williams in south Oxfordshire 😲 🏎️💨 The entire floor was given a deep clean to the tile & grout 🫧✨ afterwards it was sealed using a water based impregnating sealer to proctect the floor and aid matenance 🛡️