Carpet cleaning Faringdon

A playroom carpet at Annabelle’s nursery near Faringdon, normally covered in toddlers and all the mess they bring with them 😉This is half way result, all kinds of stains and general dirt removed!Making this a chill out, crawl, play, interacting zone which is super clean again ✨

Commercial carpet cleaning Abingdon

God has blessed the Peachcroft Christian centre with a clean as new carpet 🙏🏻 …. He did this by telling their board of trustees to pick Cj Floor Care, Oxfordshires number one 😇

Jimmy Choo Bicester

Calling all ladies with good taste 🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️When choosing your carpet cleaner, why not be like ‘Jimmy’ and choose Oxfordshires #1 🙌🏻 Disclaimer: I won’t be wearing high heals as part of my uniform 😅

Commercial carpet cleaning Oxfordshire

Do you have a commercial property which carpets or flooring has seen better days? We were at Hanney Spiced at the weekend 🥘🍛🤤 unfortunately not having a delicious curry but instead working up an appetite and bringing their carpets back to like new condition 🤩 Why buy new when it’s just a clean that’s overdue! 👍🏻

Stone floor cleaning Oxfordshire.

Restoring a limestone floor for a formula 1 driver near Williams in south Oxfordshire 😲 🏎️💨 The entire floor was given a deep clean to the tile & grout 🫧✨ afterwards it was sealed using a water based impregnating sealer to proctect the floor and aid matenance 🛡️

Slate floor cleaning Chipping Norton.

After Bosh! A tired, dirty old multi coloured slate floor looking like new all clean, sealed and colour enhanced! 🤩 This kitchen floor was covered in old sealers aswell as thick black dirt and grease which had built up over years of cooking and foot traffic 😳 We stripped and cleaned the entire floor right back to the bare bone …

Carpet cleaning Wallingford.

Professional carpet cleaning to these lovely wool carpets all in preparation for this house to go on the market! 🏡 Covering the whole of Oxfordshire, west Berkshire and parts or Wiltshire. If your floors, carpets & upholstery have seen better days, get in touch for a free quote 👍🏻

Amtico cleaning Oxford

20 year old scuffed and tired looking Amtico floor given the works today 💫 Old dressing and dirt was first removed 👍🏻Then the bare floor was coated with a glossy, durable, polymer dressing to not only give a long life but also protect the floor from scuffs and scratches 🛡

Terracotta cleaning Oxfordshire

Do you have a Terracotta stone floor? 🧡 This after photo is from a job completed last week in Wheatley. 🔸 This old tired floor was stripped of the old surface dressing and sealer 💪🏻 🔸 The tile & grout was then given a thorough deep clean scrub using our Conan rotary machine followed by a rinsing and neutralising of …

Amtico floor cleaning Oxfordshire

Wow! 😲 What a phenomenal result on todays Amtico floor job! The wood grain effect and surface of the tiles were all ingrained with years of dirt that would never lift out without a professional deep clean! 🫧 ‘We can tell you’ve worked very hard! It looks like a brand new floor! Very impressive’ 🤩 If you have Amtico, Karnedean …