Terracotta cleaning Oxfordshire

Do you have a Terracotta stone floor? 🧡 This after photo is from a job completed last week in Wheatley. 🔸 This old tired floor was stripped of the old surface dressing and sealer 💪🏻 🔸 The tile & grout was then given a thorough deep clean scrub using our Conan rotary machine followed by a rinsing and neutralising of …

Amtico floor cleaning Oxfordshire

Wow! 😲 What a phenomenal result on todays Amtico floor job! The wood grain effect and surface of the tiles were all ingrained with years of dirt that would never lift out without a professional deep clean! 🫧 ‘We can tell you’ve worked very hard! It looks like a brand new floor! Very impressive’ 🤩 If you have Amtico, Karnedean …

Porcelain floor cleaning Oxfordshire

The last couple of weeks we’ve been flat out working on stone floors with more in the pipeline 🗓 Here’s a 150m2 porcelain job which we recently cleaned. The before and after difference was amazing! 😯Then to keep it looking pristine the entire floor and grout was sealed and buffed off for a stunning finish! 🛡✨

Upholstery cleaning Wantage

Blood stain removed from a cotton velvet headboard in Wantage 🙌🏻 Cotton velvet weaves are another delicate fabric which require professional knowledge on how to be cleaned 🧐 Two other company’s declined this job before I was called to tackle the stain 🤠 Not all hero’s wear capes 🦸🏻‍♂️😉

Upholstery cleaning Abingdon

2x Laura Ashley sofas cleaned today in Fyfield aswell as multiple rooms with wool Berber carpets 🙌🏻 The sofas were made from viscose and linen which are VERY delicate fabrics, these need to be cleaned with lots of care and knowledge of dealing with fine fabrics 🤓

Stone cleaning Abingdon

🤩 Another beautiful limestone floor restored to its former glory near Abingdon 😍 💫 Using our Conan rotary machine enables us to delicately abraise and clean the top surface & grout. Getting into all the little nooks & crannies of the stone. 💫 The tile is then given a thorough rinse & neutralised, speed dried with air movers ready for …

Carpet cleaning in Bampton

So the last 2 days have been spent cleaning these lovely wool carpets 🐑🌀Along with a viscose suite, cotton & linen suite, and 2x woolen armchairs 🤩 All lovely and clean for little Maisey the cocker to jump all over and make a mess of again 🥰🐶 Happy Friday! 🙌🏻

Slate floor cleaning Wantage

How’s your Friday looking ✌🏻 Early finish for me after sealing this beautiful multicoloured slate 💫 It looks amazing!

Stone floor cleaning Wantage

A challenging couple of days 😅 but we finally finished restoring this stunning polished travertine floor 💫Aswell as cleaning and sealing we were also able to repair various cracks and holes giving a new lease of life 🤩